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Shuttle services

Sunday 22 October Public day

Public Day: extra shuttle between
Kortrijk Grote Markt and Xpo Entrance North

Grote Markt   ❯❯   Xpo
Shuttles from 13:30 - 18:30 every 15 min
Xpo   ❯❯   Grote Markt
Shuttles from 13:45 - 18:45 every 15 min

Line Lille

Lille   ❯❯   Xpo entrance North
Bd de Leeds 09h10 - 9h40
Xpo entrance North   ❯❯   Lille
Xpo entrance North 19h15 - 20h40
Bd de Leeds 19h45 - 21h10

Address location: 253 Boulevard de Leeds, 59800 Lille, France. View on Google Maps.

Line Bruges

Bruges   ❯❯   Xpo entrance North
Bargeplein (Katelijneparking), Bargeweg 08h40 - 9h15
Leonardo Hotel 08h55 - 9h30
Oostkamp - Vandervalk 09h10 - 9h45
Xpo entrance North   ❯❯   Bruges
Xpo entrance North 19h15 - 20h40
Oostkamp - Vandervalk 19h40 - 21h05
Leonardo Hotel 19h50 - 21h15
Bargeplein (Katelijneparking), Bargeweg 19h55 - 21h25

Address location: Bargeplein (Katelijneparking), Bargeweg, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. View on Streetview.

Line Ghent

Ghent   ❯❯   Xpo entrance North
Parking Holiday Inn Express - UZ 09h15
Xpo entrance North   ❯❯   Ghent
Xpo entrance North 19h15
Parking Holiday Inn Express - UZ 20h00

Line Kortrijk

Kortrijk   ❯❯   Xpo entrance North
Broeltorens 08h45 - 9h35
Markt 08h52 - 9h42
Station 08h57 - 9h47
Full House 09h06 - 9h56
Xpo entrance North   ❯❯   Kortrijk
Xpo entrance North 19h15 - 20h30
Full House 19h19 - 20h34
Station 19h28 - 20h41
Markt 19h33 - 20h46
Broeltorens 19h40 - 20h53