Busworld Digital Awards

Every exhibitor that offers a complete or partial digital solution, was invited to participate in the Busworld Digital Awards.

On Wednesday 11 October 2023 the winners will receive their award during the Digital Mobility Solutions Conference.

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Discover the shortlisted products and services...

Category: Digital On Board Comfort

Actia - Hall 4 – 409

ACTiVi solution

Acting as a vehicle digital on-board control-unit and integrated within the driver’s dashboard, ACTiVi is an Android open platform that will interact with other vehicle management systems creating a connected & centralized digital cockpit. It is an intelligent all-in-one solution for infotainment and vehicle functions for coaches as well as for buses that can be tailored to the needs of OEM’s and PTO’s.

MAN SmartSelect Cockpit
MAN Truck & Bus - Hall 4 - 401

New Digital Cockpit and MAN SmartSelect for Model Year 2024

The new Digital Cockpit from MAN is a clear step into the HMI-Future. With its innovative “SmartSelect” operation and the full integration of the new electric platform and the latest ADAS systems it helps the driver to concentrate on his/her job without irrelevant distraction.

Navaho Transport Systems
Navaho Technologies - Hall 6 -689

Navaho Transport Systems

Passenger information in real-time is essential for digital transport. The Navaho Transport System delivers a complete vehicle information solution – with smart in-depot, on-road and on-bus information provision. Offering digital displays and destination blinds, passenger information systems, in-depot electronic noticeboards and factory Health & Safety displays, Navaho Transport Systems ensures that passengers and operational teams are always informed and up to date.

Category: Digital Operational Excellence

Iveco On - Easy Bus
Iveco Bus - Hall 4 – 402b

IVECO ON Heavy Buses Digital Services

The IVECO ON Digital Services for Heavy Buses meet the needs of most PTAs and PTOs in terms of Proactive maintenance and downtime reduction with specialized KPIs and trends available on the online reports, as well as remote diagnosis and programming. Aim is the improvement of the Cost of Ownership and passengers’ safety and comfort with the monitoring of Driving Style Evaluation. The Protection against cyberattacks is another focus of the system. Multi-brand data management with the “agnostic” telematics system is possible as well as the integration of Third Party apps. Finally the Management of electric buses with a dedicated “Electromobility Report” optimizes Emobility needs.

Tott Up
Tott Up - Hall 11 - 1114

Tott Up

This innovative driver software tackles the needs of drivers' training and operational continuity. Drivers are equipped with a mobile application that guides them and trains them in real-life driving situations. When hiring a new driver, Tott up simplifies and supplements the initial training for as long as the driver needs it, at a lower cost for the operator. Experienced drivers also can rely on Tott up for diverse operational needs. A very useful tool in times of massive driver shortage.

ZF Scalar
ZF Group - Hall 5 - 537


The SCALAR Mobility Dashboard​ is a professional web application which enables mobility service providers to configure and operate their mobility services in a very innovative and OEM independent way. It can be used simultaneously by multiple users such as operations and maintenance staff, fleet managers and transportation data analysts.​ The business intelligence (BI) functionalities allow a transportation data analyst to inspect, visualize and extract historical data. The reports cover a large number of key performance indicators (KPIs) and eases compliance reporting to third party stakeholders like public transit agencies. Big Data Management for Next Mobility at its best!

Category: Digitally Enhanced Driving

Anadolu Isuzu V2X
Anadolu Isuzu - Hall 4 - 403


The innovative “Vehicle to Infrastructure” Application “V2X” brings tons of new technologies and capabilities for the Public Transport future. V2X technologies reduce time-loss and CO2 emissions through traffic while improving travel comfort and utilizing road capacities with enhanced traffic safety. Although there is not the sufficient Infrastructure everywhere in place, the daring approach of Anadolu Isuzu to venture into this useful technology is prizeworthy.

Daimler Buses Active Drive Assist 2
Daimler Buses - Hall 5 – 503

Active Drive Assist 2

“Active Drive Assist 2” represents a decisive step on the way to automated driving in coaches – a First in the industry on Motorways! “Active Drive Assist 2” actively assists the driver with distance and lane keeping by combining various assistance systems seemlessly. The system can brake, accelerate and keep the vehicle on track through active steering movements. To this end, it combines the functions of the individual systems in a unique way and thus already enables semi-automated driving in all speed ranges with an automation SAE Level 2. Daimler Buses continues the story of the fully automated “Future Bus” from 2016 in high-speed environments for the first time.

Karsan Autonomous e-ATAK
Karsan - Hall 5 - 501

Autonomous e-ATAK

Being aware of the fact that zero emission public transportation vehicles are the best way to minimize air pollution and carbon emissions, Karsan aimed at applying the technology of the future to one of their compact vehicles electrified by Germany’s BMW ­– the e-ATAK. The Turkish OEM developed and produced the world's first SAE-level 4 serial production autonomous bus. Together with the renowned partner ADASTEC, a software company, Karsan developed and implement the software of the autonomous vehicle and the lidar and sensors applied on it together. The fully homologated Midi Bus is already in operation since 2021 in the US and since 2022 in the EU, what makes is prizeworthy in a very tangible way.

Category: E-mobility Management

ChargePoint - BHP
ChargePoint - Hall 9 – 937

Battery Health Package

ChargePoint and TWAICE as leaders in their fields of expertise teamed up to combine their unique strengths and bring a world-first battery analytics solution that is seamlessly integrated in fleet management software to the market, independent from single OEM’s. TWAICE brought their expertise in battery analytics, building on top of ChargePoint's Data Hub, and jointly integrating it into the ChargePoint system for maximum customer value. The all-encompassing and OEM-agnostic approach to an absolute focus topic in Electromobility and Battery-Safety convinced the jury to the full.

MAN eManager
MAN Truck & Bus – Hall 4 - 401


The MAN “eManager” software provides customers with digital/remote functionalities for the steering and monitoring of the electric bus fleet of the brand. Remote charge management functionalities support customers to insure the buses have the necessary range and desired preconditioning stage for the planned itinerary. Basic and detailed battery management information are valuable insights for adapting the driving style and thus improving the overall energy efficiency and range. Very striking is the possibility to receive text messages on a mobile phone when the vehicle might be in danger due to anomalies coming from overheating and high voltages of the NMC batteries. The system convinced the jury furthermore with its good functionality and the well-designed User Interface.

Rampini Hy4Drive
Rampini – Hall 6 – 606a


The “Hy4Drive-System” is an electronic Drive Management System for the Hydrogen Bus HYDRON, completely developed in-house by the technicians of Italian ebus specialist Rampini. Basically the vehicle functions like a battery bus with a robust 170 kWh LFP-battery, but it is coupled with a 30 kW Fuel Cell. In order to accomplish the most flexible and efficient way to integrate the Fuel Cell into the Drive System, the “Hy4Drive-System” offers four different modes of usage of the Fuel Cell and thus of the whole Drive System. As the first compact H2-Range Extender vehicle in a booming hydrogen market, the flexible Drive-System demonstrates that also small bus builders can be very innovative.