10 Innovations @ Busworld Europe

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The Busworld visitor has unanimously voted YES for the 10 innovations that were shortlisted by the international jury.

Check them here below!

Ctrine Engineering - EcoRapidBusDesign


It’s a software which will help electric, HEV & fuel cell bus manufacturers to reduce their design time by 70% due to a digitally enabled selection process. It’s a subscription based model.

Generation Phoenix - ELeather
Generation Phoenix


Gen Phoenix, the world’s first sustainable recycled leather company at scale, leverages a revolutionary, patented circular process to rescue leather offcuts destined for landfill and regenerate them into a premium recycled leather material. The company’s groundbreaking technology innovation breaks waste textiles down to the fiber level and then leverages the power of recycled water to build them back up stronger than before, resulting in a premium and durable recycled material.

Irizar - i6S Efficient Hydrogen

i6S Efficient Hydrogen

Irizar i6S efficient coach for long distances with hydrogen technology. Check out the vehicle in the booth.

Jaakko Tuote Oy - JT Solar Glass
Jaakko-Tuote Oy

JT Solar Glass

An innovative toughened laminated safety glass with integrated solar cells, ECE43R approved. Design and customization according to the customer’s needs: size of the solar area may vary, glass can be in different sizes and the number of cells can be increased. The maximum power for solar cells is approx. 200W / m2.

Konvekta - CO2 Heat Pump
Konvekta AG

Konvekta CO2 heat pump thermal management system for electric double-decker buses

The new CO2 heat pump air conditioning and heating system of Konvekta AG was developed especially for electric double-deck buses. Integral part of this technology is a compact CO2 heat pump mounted in the rear of the vehicle.

This system regulates the temperature of the bus with pinpoint accuracy in hot summer and also cold winter months. A pleasant climate for drivers and passengers without the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants, fossil fuels or an additional electric heater. It obtains heat not from fuel or through pure electricity, but from the ambient air. As a result, it yields a multiple of the input energy and achieves a high level of climate comfort. To generate 100% heat, the Konvekta double-deck CO2 heat pump requires only 1/3 operating power from the battery.

Robert Bosch - ServoE
Bosch GmbH


With the ServoE, Bosch is expanding its product portfolio to include a fully electric steering system for heavy commercial vehicles that not only ensures uncomplicated and oil-free installation, but also safe and environmentally friendly driving. Thanks to the redundant design of the system, assistance functions including automated driving are possible. The steering can be adapted to the customer-specific DNA in terms of function and steering feel.

Saint Gobain - Reflexcontrol
Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport


Reflexcontrol® is an anti-reflective coating applied on glass surface and which reduced drastically the unwanted reflection on glass. This technology can be used on all the glazing surrounding the driver (i.e. driver window,front door glass, partition wall and windshield) to improve the driver vision through the glass. Driving by night with reduced reflection of all external lights on the glass will be much safer. The improved driving comfort will lead to a better driver vigilance and reduce the risk of accidents.

Superlee Corporation - 3 in 1 light
Superlee Corporation

3 in 1 DRL/DI/POS combination light

It is a 3 in 1 DRL/DI/POS combination light with startup animation with ECE approved daytime running light, direction indicator, and front position light functions. It also has a very unique solid lightblade optics with our patented optical design for better homogeneity.

Thermo King - Athenia Heat Pump

Athenia ENVI Heat Pump with R744

Bus HVAC Heat Pump with R744 (CO2) natural refrigerant for longer driving range. Reliable and Durable solution for hybrid and all electric buses (Battery & Fuel Cell).

The Thermo King “All-In-One” solution works hard in extreme conditions (-25 °C to +50 °C) to keep driver and passengers at just right comfort levels, including heating, cooling and fresh-air control.

Simultaneously the unit also protects the drive-line batteries by providing hot and cold water for thermal management during charging and discharging. Customers can also choose “Waste Heat Utilization” option to optimize energy usage and great comfort.

Twiliner - Coach Seat

Twiliner Coach Seat

Twiliner has designed a coach seat that can be transformed into a comfortable bed at the push of a button and is safe in the lie-flat position. This enables a totally new travel experience on the ground, making it a real alternative to flying.