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  • For individual bookings, book directly at one of the hotels at walking distance of the venue
  • For group bookings, contact Brussels Booking Desk and they will assist you through the process in finding the right hotel.
  • Discounted room rates have been negotiated for you, availability secured up until 4 weeks prior to your arrival date

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Olivier Nussbaum, the Brussels accommodation expert will be your hotel guide.

You can reach him via email at, or give him a call at +32498717542.


*Brussels Booking Desk is the only official housing partner of Busworld Europe and a local support of the Brussels’ Hotel Community and 

All companies that booked via his services were highly satisfied in 2023.


Fraud warning: in 2021 a company that called themselves Dynamix Business Services made fake bookings. Beware of fraudulous activity, the only booking service we guarantee is Brussels Booking Desk.If you are not sure, contact us at

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