29 May 2023

Anadolu Isuzu's electric bus exports grow exponentially

Turkey's Anadolu Isuzu continues its accomplishments in exports with its improving electric vehicle portfolio. Delivery of more than 100 fully electric NovoCiti Volt and CitiVolt series buses will be completed by the end of the year. The growth is in...
22 May 2023

Dutch Floading to install 36 high-power DC chargers in Antwerp

Dutch based Floading, a provider of sustainable mobility solutions, has been awarded a major contract by public transport operator Waaslandia in Antwerp. Floading will install charging infrastructure with 36 high-power DC chargers spread out in the...
22 May 2023

IVECO BUS receives order in Belgium for 42 Crossway LE Hybrid

IVECO BUS signed a framework agreement with Transport Operator of Wallonia OTW for the supply of 42 Crossway Low-Entry Hybrid buses. The deliveries will begin at the end of 2023 and will be spread over four years. The agreement covers two lots of 21...
Iveco Wallonie
11 May 2023

Stagecoach (UK) orders 189 Volvo BZL e-buses with MCV bodies

Stagecoach, one of the United Kingdom's largest coach and bus operators, has given Volvo Buses an order for in total 189 BZL e-buses. It is the first order under the new business model Volvo has chosen in which it delivers the e-bus chassis with a...
Volvo Stagecoach
10 May 2023

New in Busworld Europe - part 4

The paper catalogue will seize to exist and is being replaced by two other media: the online Busworld App and the Busworld Daily Times newspaper. More information. Easier to use.
Daily Times
04 May 2023

HÜBNER Transportation develops a hybrid ramp system for buses

The HÜBNER Transportation GmbH (HTG) announced it has developed a hybrid ramp system that should make it easier for disabled persons to board buses. The particular advantage of the new system is according to Hubner that transit companies will no...
04 May 2023

Volvo Buses signs LOI with Sunsundegui for production bodies for coaches

Volvo Buses has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Spanish Sunsundegui, for the production of bodies under license for the Volvo 9700 and Volvo 9900. Production is expected to start in 2024, deliveries in 2025. Earlier Volvo Buses announced that it...
Volvo Sunsundegui
27 April 2023

Ikarus to present new city bus at Busworld Europe (Magyarbusz.info)

With the newly developed city bus, codenamed V4, to be presented to the public at the Busworld Europe 2023 exhibition to be held in Brussels, October 7 and 12, Hungarian Ikarus is entering Europe ´again´. As Magyarbusz.info reports the external...
Ikarus 1
26 April 2023

Record order for Solaris for 52 hydrogen buses

Solaris Bus & Coach was just awarded a record order for the delivery of hydrogen buses. The customer is Güstrow-based German carrier Rebus Regionalbus, responsible for operating public transportation in the Rostock region. Solaris will deliver a...
solaris rostock
25 April 2023

Volvo Bus partners with MCV for production e-buses

Only a few weeks ago Volvo Bus announced it will stop bus production in its bus plant in Wroclaw, Poland. Now Volvo Bus announces the next step in its bus production future by signing a letter of intent with Egyptian MCV for the production of...
Volvo  CMV 2
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