ABB presenting its new fleet charger

ABB presenting its new fleet charger

12 October 2023

ABB's E-mobility presents the new HVC360 fleet charger at Busworld. This fleet charging solution provides fleet operators with the power to charge anywhere.

The new HVC360 offers the best power density in its class and remarkable power relative to the ground area occupied, delivering ultimate flexibility for any site layout or usage situation. It produces up to 360 kW of power and allows the connection of up to four charging stations. With a distance of up to 100 metres between the power cabinet and each charging point, the power cabinet can be placed in a safe, collision-free location, even on the roof of the depot. By simultaneously supporting all charging interfaces and allowing a mix and match from CCS to pantograph, all user requirements and configurations are met. Up to four charging points can be connected to a single power supply box. It supports all charging interfaces, from CCS to pantograph, even simultaneously, and allows mixing and matching to better fit and optimise new or existing set-up constraints. The compact design allows for installation back-to-back, side-by-side or along a wall. The HVC360 offers the optimal solution for bus depot charging.

Best power density in its class

The new HVC360 power cabinet delivers remarkable power for its footprint at 400 kW/m². By reducing hardware costs and the use of valuable floor space by more than 50% compared to the previous generation, installation and AC wiring costs are significantly reduced. Every bus in a vehicle fleet returns to the depot for a few hours, and this is the perfect time to charge the vehicle with a lower payload.


HVC360 charging solutions fully comply with international standards, have all required certifications and benefit from tested interoperability with a wide range of OEM vehicles. Different brands can even be charged simultaneously via the same power cabinet. All charging interfaces are supported. Upward pantographs, downward pantographs and CCS cables or combinations of these can be connected to the power cabinet. The power supply can be distributed to the four charging points, or to three or two, or concentrated to one with maximum power, according to the needs of the vehicles at that one moment. Power can also be evenly distributed to four sockets, which allows pre-conditioning of all vehicles simultaneously.



The charging cabinet is connected 24/7/365, remotely monitoring and diagnosing, receiving updates over the airwaves to support each new bus added to the fleet. ABB guarantees an uptime of 97% for this new generation of chargers.

Easy maintenance

The air filters are externally replaceable, four LEDs indicate the status per power outlet. The robust design of the powder-coated stainless steel housing requires hardly any maintenance and withstands all weather conditions. Thanks to the improved air inlet and outlet, chargers can be installed side by side, back to back or in a row.