Brazil present at BUSWORLD with Marcopolo

Brazil present at BUSWORLD with Marcopolo

11 October 2023

Marcopolo, Brazil's leading designer of mobility solutions and one of the largest in the world, is reinforcing its presence on the international market by participating in Busworld Europe.

On a 500 sq m stand, the brand, which is already present in a large part of the global market, will display two major projects: the Marcopolo G8, the company's new generation of road vehicles, and a model powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The strategy is to emphasise the company's progress in the mobility segment and offer competitive advantages such as the combination of renowned Brazilian design and global technology, as well as the high level of quality and sophistication of its products, the result of expertise acquired in countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Australia, China, Colombia and Mexico, in addition to Brazil.

" The Audace fuel cell, produced at our factory in China, illustrates our expertise in developing zero- or low-emission solutions. This design reinforces our global presence, with production units and development centres in different parts of the world," explains André Armaganijan, CEO of Marcopolo.

The stand showcased a bus powered by the Audace 1050 fuel cell. Manufactured in collaboration with Sinosynergy and Allenbus, this bus features the latest technologies in terms of pollutant emission reduction, safety, comfort and efficiency. The bus is capable of carrying 53 passengers over a distance of 600 km. The vehicle is equipped with a Danfoss permanent magnet synchronous motor with a rated power of 140 kW (222 kW peak) and a rated torque of 495/720 Nm. The bus is also equipped with two 160 kW Sinosynergy G80-001 fuel cells, four 350-bar Type 4 hydrogen tanks and a water-cooling system with four CATL, LiFeO (lithium-iron) storage batteries, as well as 423 kWh (600 km) lithium-ion batteries.

In addition to the marketing expertise accumulated over 74 years - more than 60 years of presence in the international market, with activities in more than 100 countries - Marcopolo is constantly investing in innovation, technology, production optimisation and engineering management in all its plants. As a result, the company has become much more flexible and efficient, able to develop and produce road and city bus models to meet any requirement.