STIB eCitaro

Brussels STIB closes a framework contract with Daimler Buses for 80 eCitaros

29 November 2023

The Brussels public transport company MIVB/STIB has signed a framework agreement with Daimler Buses for the purchase of 80 electric buses. An order for 36 eCitaros was immediately placed within this agreement.

The framework agreement with Daimler Buses was signed on November 28, 2023 and includes the study, supply and putting into service of up to 80 all-electric low-floor standard buses, the eCitaro, including the documentation, training and equipment necessary to operate these new vehicles. to be exploited. STIB expects delivery of the first eCitaros of the 36 that have now been ordered at the beginning of 2026. Charging of the vehicles is foreseen in the Marly depot (Neder-Over-Heembeek). The intention is that these eCitaros will be used on the lines served from this depot. This is the second framework agreement that STIB has concluded with Daimler Buses. The first framework contract concerned a maximum of 70 articulated eCitaros, of which 56 buses were ordered in March 2023. The first

vehicle of this batch will be delivered in the spring of 2024 and the next 55 in the summer of 2024. These 55 articulated buses will replace the Euro V buses that will no longer be allowed to drive in Brussels from January 1, 2025 in the context of the low emission zone (LEZ). Daimler Buses can expect a second order for the remaining 14 articulated eCitaros under this framework contract, as STIB announced. The STIB network currently has 37 fully electric buses, of which 7 midi buses, 5 standard buses and 25 articulated buses. With this second framework contract signed with Daimler Buses, STIB says it will continue the gradual electrification of its bus fleet that started in 2018, with a view to full electrification by 2035.