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Busworld: ARCOL presents new version of the eMirror system

19 September 2023

ARCOL, the Spanish manufacturer, has a broad portfolio of mirrors for different types of vehicles. New is the CMS eMirror system. It is a high-definition digital camera and monitor system that brings more safety. The eMirror system, which ARCOL will be presenting at Busworld, offers the possibility of incorporating new additional functionalities such ADAS: the Blind Spot alarm and the R158 Rear Detection and Visibility and the eMirror collision warning.

CMS, Camera Monitoring System, eMirror is composed of two cameras and one monitor in each side of the vehicle that cover categories II and IV and, as an option, it can be expanded to categories V and VI by including extra cameras and a monitor. ARCOL sees three main benefits to install the eMirror-system: increased safety, improved vision and optimization of total cost of ownership. The system improves safety under different lighting

conditions, widens the field of vision and reduces blind spots, thus reducing the driver's visual stress. Due to the HDR Technology the monitor transmits better visibility during the day, at night, in tunnels and in all weather conditions. Not at least the fleetowner can optimize the total cost of ownership because the compact eMirror design improves manoeuvrability on the road, especially in urban environments, reducing the risk of collision.

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At the same time, fuel consumption is decreased thanks to the improved aerodynamics due to the compacted dimensions of the design. Industrial Arcol S.A. is a family company that started its activity in Barcelona in 1942 by the hand of Mr. Arturo Colom. From then until now 3 generations of the Colom family have developed and commercialized different accessories to cover the driving needs of coaches, city buses, minibuses, motorhomes, special vehicles, trains and trams. Meet ARCOL at hall 5, stand 427