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Busworld: Azimut Launches safety systems and the AOD BusPad+

28 September 2023

At Busworld Azimut introduces the Smart Bus, an interconnected world with increasing safety and entertainment needs, this bus symbolizes the zenith of passenger transport solutions. Secondly Azimut is to unveil the AOD BusPad+ at BusWorld 2023 with which Azimut claims that it will “redefine on-board entertainment for public transport passengers, offering a plethora of streaming content and the opportunity to cast personal content on individual embedded screens”. The new MirrorCam Digital Rearview is also on display at Busworld in hall 4, stand 433.

Azimuth calls the new mirror system a leap forward from conventional mirrors, offering enhanced real-time vision using cameras and monitors. “This addition ensures safer manoeuvring and reduces blind spots”. A 360° Vision Systems provides a comprehensive view around the bus and can help navigating in complex environments. Azimut presents solutions to improve safety on urban roads. With increasing traffic, the constant presence of pedestrians and cyclists, and blind spots, driving in cities has become more challenging than ever. In compliance with Regulation R151, Azimut has developed a system that employs radar technology

combined with visual and auditory alerts. The system is a kit featuring a camera, monitor, and ultrasonic sensors. A second kit is one that promptly alerts drivers to the presence of pedestrians and cyclists in often overlooked blind areas, ensuring a departure free from incidents. The “Blind Spot Detection” warns the driver about cyclists and pedestrians in potential blind spots, ensuring a higher safety standard. Driver Fatigue Alert: Vigilantly monitoring the driver, the system raises alarms upon detecting signs of tiredness or distraction. Advanced telematic functionalities ensure an efficient, timely service for all riders. Azimut's new AOD BusPad+ not only

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delivers “top-tier content” but also informs the passengers by real-time updates and offer also a shopping platform. Azimut aims with the AOD BusPad+ especially on lengthy journey's were its state-of-the-art entertainment system can significantly elevate the overall travel experience. Azimut AOD BusPad+ offers streaming platforms with our chromecast service from the passenger’s device to our HD screens with a vast selection of movies, series, music, games, and much more. The audio system makes clear and efficient announcements for passengers possible. And BusPad+ offers flawless integration with personal devices for content casting.