Busworld Europe 2023 earns prestigious award from Revista Automotive in Portugal

17 November 2023

Busworld has won an award for the first time in its history. And the whole team is thrilled about it.

In a testament to its dedication and excellence, Busworld Europe 2023 has been honored with a distinguished award from Revista Automotive in Portugal. This recognition is not merely a plaque on the wall; it signifies an immense amount of behind-the-scenes effort that goes into making Busworld Europe stand out among international automotive events.

Eduardo Gaspar, the editor-in-chief of Revista Automotive, emphasized the meticulous process involved in selecting the recipient of this prestigious award. "It's a lot of work," Gaspar affirmed, describing the extensive task of comparing all the events in the automotive sector throughout the year. This involves reaching out to various stakeholders, seeking their opinions on numerous aspects of each event, both exhibitors from around the world, but also Portugese visitors.

Busworld had to compete against not just other bus shows but also events featuring cars, trucks, caravans, and more. Gaspar revealed that 70% of the evaluation criteria pertain to what occurs before the show even commences, underlining the significance of the preparations leading up to the event. The remaining 30% focuses on the actual exhibition.

International exhibitors take center stage in the evaluation process, providing valuable insights into their experiences. The evaluation scope is not limited to the glamorous displays but extends to the often unnoticed elements that contribute to the success of the event. One noteworthy aspect highlighted by Gaspar is the role played by the 'hall masters'— described as 'individuals with their names on fluoresecent vests', ensuring smooth operations during the buildup. These hall masters, or 'zaalmeesters,' are the unsung heroes who come to the rescue in the face of challenges or disputes, a facet of Busworld that many visitors may not be aware of.

The award reflects the collective efforts of the entire Busworld team, who are understandably elated and proud of this recognition. Gratitude was extended to Eduardo Gaspar and the Revista Automotive Portugal team for their thorough evaluation and acknowledgment of Busworld Europe's commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, Busworld Europe 2023's success extends beyond the glitz of the exhibition floor. It is a testament to the dedication and the often overlooked individuals who contribute to making the event a standout success in the global automotive calendar.


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