Busworld participated to 'Tag der Busturistik' in Germany

18 November 2022

Since several decades, Busworld has a special connection with "Tag der Bustouristik"  and vice versa. That's why Vincent Dewaele, General Manager of Busworld International, had a keynote at the 40th edition.




The 40th edition took place in Wiesbaden and was titled: "Neue Normalität - zurück in die Zukunft" - "New Normality - Return to the Future".

This well established event was well attended by all kind of representatives of the German coach industry.


In other types of tourism, transportation is only the way to reach the destination. For coach tourism it is completely different: the journey is part of the total holiday experience and a goal by itself. Once a traveller steps on board of the coach, the holiday starts. 

Vincent Dewaele also described the role of coaches in the post-covid recovery and the part they have to play in the fight against climate change. Coach travel is not only fun, but it remains the most sustainable way of travelling.


As a leading region in the world of bus and coach - Germany being one of the strongest countries-, Europe has an important task to share its knowledge and expertise. 

A platform like Busworld creates the ideal link between technological and conceptional innovations and daily bus and coach operations, not only locally but also on a worldwide scale.