BYD Castrosua

BYD and Castrosua Launch Their First Jointly-Manufactured eBus

02 June 2023

BYD in partnership with Castrosua launched their first jointly produced eBus at an Official Presentation Ceremony in Spain. Its debut marks the start of an exciting new era of zero-emission customised eBuses in the 12-metre category for Spanish bus operators, combining BYD’s expertise in electric bus chassis technology with Castrosua’s highly-acclaimed bus bodies.

The Ceremony, held in Santiago de Compostela, celebrated the unveiling and presentation of the first tailor-made BYD-Castrosua 12-metre eBus and was hosted by Mr. Juan Luis Castro, President of Castrosua and by Mr. Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe. BYD and Castrosua announced their joint manufacturing partnership in September 2022. Javier Contijoch, Vice President eBus Sales of BYD Europe, said: “It gives us great pleasure to introduce the BYD-Castrosua 12-metre eBus to Spanish customers. We are very pleased to be collaborating with Castrosua and the unveiling of this debut model is an exciting milestone for the partnership between both companies.” Juan Luis Castro, President of Castrosua Group said: “This alliance has allowed us to build this first proposal that will undoubtedly be a benchmark in the market." Advanced BYD chassis technology is at the heart of the BYD-Castrosua eBus. BYD has sold over 90,000 eBuses worldwide. The revolutionary BYD chassis has been developed for safety, efficiency and reliability. The BYD Battery Thermal Management System ensures the battery stays at the optimum operating temperature, adapting to various climate conditions. Complementing BYD core

technology is the highly configurable NELEC body from Castrosua, using 3D modelling during the concept phase, facilitates the development of all customisation and adaptation options. , while providing the customer with advanced and comprehensive presentations to assist in their decision-making process. Nelec is an environmentally friendly vehicle, built with new materials and indirect LED lighting that is used throughout the vehicle to create a bright and spacious passenger cabin that generates comfort for users. Other innovative elements such as a new windscreen wiper system with independent motors on each arm, an independent air channelling system or indirect vision systems (digital cameras instead of mirrors). The Nelec body complies with the non-mandatory rollover strength regulation 66 for Class I vehicles, along with other features that exceed current legal requirements. The BYD-Castrosua 12-metre eBus can accommodate up to 92 passengers, making it a practical size for city bus services. With 422 kWh battery capacity, it also offers an impressive range of more than 450 km on a single charge.