Castrosua wins tender for delivery of 49 CNG buses to Kraków

17 April 2024

Castrosua Group has been awarded a tender for the City of Krakow for 49 units on Scania chassis. In collaboration with Scania Polska, the company will supply two batches of 12 metre and 10.6 metre buses for the Polish operator Mobilis, part of the Egged Group based in Israel. Egged Group has a strong presence in Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands.

It is a first major order for Spanish bodybuilder Castrosua in this part of Europe. The order was finalized after representatives of Egged in Europe, together with Scania Polska, visited Castrosua's facilities to learn first-hand about the quality and innovation of the Castrosua Group and to show its capacity to comply with a product that will meet all the requirements and specifications of the contract. Also a team from Castrosua travelled to Poland to finalise all the aspects related to Mobilis' needs. The order awarded to Grupo Castrosua consists of city bus units with the low-floor ‘New City’ bodywork build on a

Scania CCB 4x2 CNG chassis of 10.6 metres and 12 metres. The 12-metre models are designed with a capacity for 25 seats and two spaces for ‘Persons with Reduced Mobility’ (PRMs), as well as three doors. The 10.6-metre models offer capacity for 22 seats and one PRM, two doors. Pablo Seco, International KAM at Castrosua said: "The collaboration with Scania Polska and Mobilis on this project is proving to be outstanding and we look forward to continuing to build strong relationships in the Polish market."