Dancerbus with full composite city bus

Dancerbus with full composite city bus

12 October 2023

Newcomer Dancerbus from Lithuania is ready for the market. With full composite city bodies, full electric city buses and a few surprising innovations.

Started from scratch nine years ago, Dancerbus now presents two 12-metre-long vehicles: a version with a driving range of 100 km and a long range with a 530km radius of action. The short range can charge its battery in 8 minutes via a pantograph. Dancerbus went straight for the latest technology and constructed a bus from composite, both its chassis and body. With a total mass of 8.6 tonnes, the Dancerbus is considered one of the lightweights. The underside of the vehicle has more favourable drive-up and drive-down angles to handle steep slopes. 'We are extremely suitable in medium-sized cities with narrow streets,' says spokesman Kristof Ledihov.

A new feature is the large screen in the back of the bus. It provides an up-to-date picture of the traffic in front of the bus. 'This allows the driver of the following vehicle to see what is happening in front,' says Ledihov. A curved panoramic windscreen gives the driver an excellent view of the road.

This year, Dancerbus will build 10 more long-range copies, with 50 vehicles planned by 2024.