eCitaro HTM

Dutch HTM chooses eCitaro's for its new electric bus fleet

20 June 2023

Dutch public transport operator HTM chooses Mercedes-Benz eCitaro.

As result of a European tender for the purchase of new electric buses Evobus Netherlands is awarded an order for the delivery of a total of 95 eCitaro's plus options to HTM, the operator in the city of The Hague. The order consists of the of 18-metre articulated and 12-metre low-floor solobuses and the associated charging infrastructure. The order has been provisionally awarded.

The new e-Citaro and e-Citaro-G (articulated) buses will replace HTM's current natural gas (CNG) buses from mid-2024. This marks an important step towards sustainable public transport in the region of The Hague in accordance with the agreements HTM has made with the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague as public transport authority. Several renowned bus manufacturers made an offer during the tender, according to the comment by HTM. EvoBus

emerged as the best supplier with its offer. The offers have been tested for aspects such as passenger aspects, price, technology, reliability, maintenance and design. HTM emphasizes the order is provisionally awarded. At the end of the legally applicable term and after approval of the investment by the shareholders of HTM - the Municipality of The Hague and MRDH - the contract will become final on 7 July.