Volvo 7900e MCV

First order for Volvo 7900 Electric with MCV body

11 December 2023

Luxembourg operator DEMY SCHANDELER S.àr.l. (Demy Cars) has ordered 15 Volvo 7900 Electric buses to operate in intercity traffic. It is the first order for Volvo electric buses with Volvo 7900 Electric bodies built by MCV. The buses are set to be delivered in spring 2025.

Contracted by RGTR, bus operator DEMY SCHANDELER S.àr.l. is Volvo Buses' most recent partner in Luxembourg and has been operating 10 Volvo 7900 Electric buses since the beginning of 2023. This successful collaboration has helped to secure the latest order for 15 Volvo 7900 Electric. “We are of course very pleased that we can already take the first order of our Volvo 7900 Electric, built in partnership with MCV. It shows the confidence that our customer has in our brand and organization and that we will continue to be a strong player in the European market, offering a wide range of

buses in the premium segment for public transport,” says Dan Pettersson, Senior Vice President, Volvo Buses. The 15 buses set to be delivered in spring 2025 will be an updated version of the current Volvo 7900 Electric. The buses are 12 meters long and they will feature a 470kWh battery configuration. “Included in our total fleet of around 400 urban buses, coaches and electric buses as well as 160 mini-buses, Volvo has become one of our pillars in the transition to electromobility,” says Laurent Schandeler, CEO of DEMY SCHANDELER S.àr.l.