Busworld Europe Entrance

Get your visitor ticket for Busworld Europe 2023 now!

On D-day - 99, visitor registration opened its digital doors.

29 June 2023

Buying your ticket online saves time and money. 

But before you can proceed, go through the checklist below.

Choose the dates

To come visit Busworld Europe, somewhere between Saturday 7 October and Thursday 12 October.

The exhibitors are there every day to welcome you, the side program changes: SIDE PROGRAM

You know which dates? Great.


  1. Block your agenda 
  2. Plan your trip - HOW TO REACH
  3. Book your accommodation - HELP
  4. Buy your ticket(s) - TICKETS


If you want to buy 1 to 19 tickets, the price is 10 EUR per ticket.

If you want to buy 20 tickets or more, you get the group reduction and pay 5 EUR per ticket.

If you wait to buy your ticket at the entrance desk of Busworld Europe in Brussels, a ticket will cost 25 EUR. So yes, buying it now makes sense.



As soon as you bought the ticket, you will receive your badge in your mailbox. Every ticket needs to have a valid e-mail address. So before you start to order the tickets, make sure you have all the information at hand.

You print the badge and bring it to Brussels, where you can put it inside a badgeholder.

Why do we still ask you to wear your badge? Because it's easier for the name recollection ;-)


Busworld App replaces paper catalogue

In the beginning of September, you will receive an e-mail to activate your personal profile and have access to the Busworld app platform via your computer and your phone.

You will be able to prepare your visit by selecting the exhibitors you want to visit and filling your agenda with appointments.

You'll see, this app will make your visit much more efficient and this will result in more... free and fun time.

So before you leave on holiday, book your tickets now!


Enjoy your holidays & see you in Brussels!