Hess Salzburg

HESS delivers more trolleybuses to Salzburg

24 February 2022

Under a framework agreement Salzburg AG in Austria has received the delivery of 14 HESS lighTram 19 DC trolleybuses. The first batch was delivered mid 2021, the second early 2022. These were added to the first 15 trolleybuses for the Salzburg trolleybus fleet in 2019 and 2020. Furthermore Salzburg AG recently ordered a further 13 of the 18.7 metres long vehicles within the framework agreement for the years 2023 and 2024.

With this last order this will increase the HESS trolleybus fleet in Salzburg to 42 vehicles. In addition to the delivery of vehicles, the order also includes maintenance of the vehicles by HESS in Salzburg. HESS trolleybuses have been running on the routes in Salzburg for three years now. The batteries of these vehicles are charged while driving on the overhead line and can therefore also travel longer stretches without overhead lines.

The lighTram 19 DC has an Aluminium System CO-BOLT body. The second axle is driven by a Permanent-Magnet Motor. Dynamic Charging on route is by 600 V / 750 V. Recuperated (brake)energy is stored in batteries which can be also be charged the conductive DC charging or in the depot using Hess Trolley Charging Station 400 V AC, 20 kVA.

Hess Salzburg 2

Recharging while driving, with the "dynamic charging" technology developed by HESS, means no charging time is lost and the energy storage can be designed to be resource-efficient. In addition to the attractive design, the 155 passenger of which 38 can be seated have plenty of space and a high quality of stay in the interior.