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Ikarus to present new city bus at Busworld Europe (Magyarbusz.info)

27 April 2023

With the newly developed city bus, codenamed V4, to be presented to the public at the Busworld Europe 2023 exhibition to be held in Brussels, October 7 and 12, Hungarian Ikarus is entering Europe ´again´. As Magyarbusz.info reports the external appearance of the vehicle will be roughly similar to the previous versions of the 120e type but with revised main dimensions, frame structure and interior, new traction batteries and an improved dashboard.

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With this new bus Ikarus continues its return to the stage of international bus production. To underline its new start of a new future, the Hungarian company presented a new logo. Ikarus is one of Hungary's best-known brands, and has a history of nearly 130 years including the legacy of its predecessors. The new logo suggests dynamism and reliability supports the intensive international expansion of Ikarus, indicating that the company wants to become a major player in the world's bus production again. According to the intention of the logo-creators, the renewed image of Ikarus is characterized by clean and a simplified design, in line with the brand's motto "Innovation is tradition".

In its new bus Ikarus will offer more variations in terms of both battery capacity and battery chemistry. In addition to the currently used CATL lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) energy storage, Ikarus electric buses will also be available with lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (NMC) traction batteries, which provide a higher energy density. During development of the new Ikarus bus, great emphasis is placed on driving support devices, ergonomics and comfort as Ikarus emphasizes. Recent Ikarus won its trademark lawsuits that had

been going on since 2017 in March (against the manufacturer of the Modulo buses, which went bankrupt in July 2018 - editor's note). The Budapest Court of Appeals ruled with finality that the Ikarus trademark is the so-called is a well-known trademark, so it enjoys absolute protection in our country. "Building on traditions, we are purposefully and optimistically preparing for the future, and we are telling the market that the 130-year-old Ikarus is definitely present! Our goal is for the Ikarus brand buses to reappear in Ikarus'

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traditional markets," said Zoltán Tankó, CEO of Ikarus Global Zrt. Ikarus' demo buses operating abroad currently transport passengers in Poland, Romania and Germany - the company can boast of four vehicles sold in the latter country - but the plans also include the conquest of other markets, such as Turkey. In Hungary 17 electric buses were sold to three different service providers - Weekendbus, Kaposvári Közlekedesi Zrt. and Volánbusz. Although, despite previous government plans, no tenders have been issued since 2021 Ikarus still trusts in Hungarian possibilities.