Irizar continues to innovate

Irizar continues to innovate

11 October 2023

Irizar and Irizar e-mobility present four latest-generation Irizar vehicles on stand 602 in hall 6 (1,710 sq m): an Irizar i8, an Irizar i6S Efficient vehicle, an Irizar ie tram electric vehicle and the new hydrogen-powered Irizar i6S Efficient.

All exhibited vehicles have significant innovations compared to current models in terms of technology, sustainability and fuel consumption reduction. They include the new hydrogen-powered vehicle and a range of vehicles with a new generation of integral Irizar chassis, which are lighter, more comfortable and consume up to 5% less fuel.


They also come with the most demanding safety and cyber security systems on the market, an improved driver station with a new dashboard design, weight reductions and therefore improvements in fuel consumption and emissions.



At Irizar, they focus all their efforts on decarbonisation, electrifying cities and reducing the consumption and emissions of their vehicles. They aim to be a key player in the sustainable mobility of the future. It is clear that the future for Irizar will be multi-technological and they are ready for it. This first hydrogen vehicle has been developed exclusively by Irizar, in collaboration with the companies and technology centres involved. The vehicle is currently in the testing phase and is undergoing various tests. The Irizar i6S Efficient Hydrogen has a range of up to 1,000 km and a minimum charging time of about 20 minutes.

If necessary, it can also run 100% electric at certain times. The future range of hydrogen vehicles, which currently consists of the Irizar i6S Efficient and Irizar i4 models, will feature significant improvements over the first version presented at Busworld, including more luggage space and passenger capacity, greater range and lower weight.



  For more than a decade, Irizar e-mobility has been electrifying cities. This year, a unit of the electric tram Irizar ie will be presented for the first time in Mexico.  Irizar e-mobility is present in 11 European countries and will have more than 1,000 vehicles on the road in Europe by early 2024. This new generation of buses includes improvements in terms of safety, with the new GSR2 ADAS standard, which includes vehicle cyber safety.  The buses are also equipped with a new generation of batteries with lower consumption and greater range, improving available energy in BOL and EOL by 30 per cent.