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Irizar i6s Efficient Spanish Coach of the Year 2023

20 January 2023

After its launch in May last year, the most efficient coach in the history of Irizar received the 2023 Coach of the Year award in Spain. Mikel Perez, the Irizar Commercial Director for Spain and Portugal, collected the prize at the awards ceremony for the event that took place 18 January 2023, at the Hotel Novotel Madrid.

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The event brought together businesspeople from the sector, members of the main industry associations and institutional representatives. “At Irizar we're adapting to the new challenges raised by this new era of mobility and digital transformation. Our main focus for class II and II vehicles is on lowering fuel consumption (CO2) and optimising TCO (total cost of ownership). And the Irizar i6s Efficient is proof of that. Our main efforts are aimed at striving for optimum efficiency that contributes even more, if possible, to sustainability. And we're going to stay on that path with the goal of becoming key players in the sustainable mobility of the future.”, says Mikel Perez.