Irizar i4

Irizar surprises with a new generation of the i4

10 February 2022

Irizar is presenting a new generation of the Irizar i4, the versatile vehicle from the Spanish manufacturer. It is positioned as a coach for use in urban settings, for commuting, school transport, corporate or occasional functions. The new generation Irizar i4 coach offers new features that mainly focus on a major reduction in weight and optimum axle load distribution. This has resulted in a lighter vehicle, weighing up to 955 kg less.

Irizar i4

Irizar calls it a “highly efficient, sustainable and profitable coach, with its structural redesign and incorporation of optimised and innovative technology solutions”. The vehicle is available in lengths from 10.8 m to 15 m and with different drivelines, from Euro VIe diesel to a hybrid version. According to Irizar fuel savings of up to 5% and, therefore, improvements in CO2 emissions reductions are possible. With the presentation of the i4 at Busworld 2019, the vehicle was equipped with a Cummins diesel engine or hybrid system. This new generation Irizar i4 is now available with diesel, HVO and B100 on different platforms besides the DAF/Paccar MX11 engine. The integral build i4 comes with the DAF/Paccar engine and for the chassis/body build ones the choice is between Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo and Scania depending on whether it is an exclusively Irizar model or a combination of chassis and bodywork. The hybrid, biogas or natural gas (CNG or LNG) propulsion systems are Scania.

Irizar i4 seats

The reduction in weight with optimum axle load distribution is possible by implemented solutions including the use of high-strength steel and composite materials to replace traditional structural materials. New seats with weight optimisation and greater space between them result in a better passenger comfort. The different versions of this vehicle (H, M, L) offer a balance between accessibility and luggage compartment capacity. The i4 is available with a flat or lowered floor.

The innovations that have been introduced to the vehicle have made it possible to offer new seat layouts. The various door configurations, with single, wide single and double door options, enable lifts to be installed to facilitate access for persons with reduced mobility.

Irizar i4 seat lay out

Also now the new Irizar i4 range includes a new coach version, a 13.23 m long vehicle on a 4x2 chassis, with a maximum capacity of 63 seat spaces (59+1), with up to 34 standing places and luggage compartment volume exceeding 6m3.

Safety measures include the option of a radar in the centre of the front. The Irizar front headlights with Full-LED option offer up to 30% more light capacity. The other lighting fixtures are also LED. The Irizar i4 offers a wide range of configuration options and advanced safety systems.