Karsan e-Ata Hydrogen 1

Karsan launches e-ATA HYDROGEN

22 September 2022

Karsan joined the hydrogen era at the IAA Transportation Fair in Hannover, Germany. The Turkish manufacturer presented a brand new e-ATA HYDROGEN with which its extends its range of electric and autonomous products. In addition to the IAA Transportation Fair in Hanover, Karsan also participated in the InnoTrans Fair in Berlin, showcasing the 12-meter e-ATA. Via a live link from the IAA Transportation Fair the visitors at InnoTrans could witness the launche of the e-ATA HYRDOGEN.

Karsan eAta Hydrogen 2

Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, "In the last 5 years, following the 6 meter e-JEST, 8 meter electric and autonomous e-ATAK and 10, 12 and 18 meter e-ATA, we have now launched our hydrogen-powered 12 meter e-ATA vehicle. With more than 400 electric vehicles, we are on the roads all over Europe, especially in France, Romania, Portugal and Germany. And in the near future, we will grow even more in both European and North American markets with our Karsan electric vehicles." The low-floor 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN is equipped with an overhead 1560-liter lightweight composite hydrogen tank - high-pressure resistant with emergency gas release valves and high-sensitivity sensors which automatically shut down the system.

The e-ATA HYDROGEN can cover over 500 km of range under real conditions of use, that is, when the vehicle is full of passengers, capacity 95, and travels on stop-and-go line routes. This is made possible by a state-of-the-art 70 kW fuel cell combined with a 30 kWh LTO battery, which is positioned as an auxiliary power source in the vehicle. e-ATA HYDROGEN has a 250 kW electric engine with 22,000 Nm of torque in the ZF electric portal axle, which is also used in the latest members of the electric e-ATA. The 12-meter e-ATA HYDROGEN has a 100% zero-emission air conditioning carbon dioxide system. In addition, advanced driver

assistance systems such as mirror camera technology, front collision warning, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, speed limit indicator detection and other technological features can be included as options. Karsan CEO Okan Baş: “Currently in Europe, only 2 percent of the city bus market has adopted hydrogen technology. But we estimate that by 2030, hydrogen vehicles will dominate 15% of the market and surpass 2000 vehicles per year. As Karsan, we aim to rapidly enter this market and pioneer the hydrogen transformation in urban transportation."