Ebusco DB

Major framework agreement for Ebusco, but also loss of turnover

14 April 2022

Ebusco has concluded a framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn for the on-demand delivery of e-buses in the period 2023-2024 with an option for 2025 and 2026. Initially, this concerns approximately 260 buses. The maximum order volume under the framework agreement is 800 buses. This depends on whether and when Deutsche Bahn acquires the associated concessions or contracts.

Also Ebusco announced its financial results for 2021 and reported a decrease in turnover from 100 million euros to 24.3 million euros. Ultimately, a loss of 26.8 million euros remained, compared to a profit of 31.2 million euros for 2020. According to Ebusco, the results were negatively influenced by the corona crisis: fewer tenders and disruptions in the supply chain, resulting in delivery

delays. At the end of 2021, Ebusco had an order book of 325 buses, of which 240 were firm deliveries. For this year, the orderbook has grown to already 1274 e-buses, partly thanks to the framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn. In the first months, Ebusco received a total in orders for 951 buses.