Masats new door

Masats presents new sliding door 028d SLIM

19 May 2022

The new Masats sliding door 028d Slim has been developed to solve space problems in some vehicles particularly two-story vehicles or the new autonomous vehicles but according to Masats it is appropriate for all types of urban buses and above all it is 20% lighter.

With this new electric sliding door 028d SLIM Masats has completed its next-generation urban product range. The Spanish company emphasizes that this compact low-height (153 mm) mechanism will be ideal for vehicles with little clearance at the top for easy access to the engine and for maintenance. The new system weighs 20% less and aids reducing vehicle fuel consumption. Less weight means also more sustainability as Masats mentions because at the end of its lifecycle less waist remains. Masats also improved the sealing for less noise. The system has been tested for 1.5 million cycles and meets

the ISO 16750 standards. Safety systems are integrated such as a mechanical self-blocking system that prevents the door from opening when completely closed, a triple safety system detects obstacles and the emergency system is activated through pneumatic buttons. The system is to be presented with two optional electronics or ECUs: the electronic Evolution option with more features and prepared for predictive maintenance, and the electronic Basic option to meet basic service needs.