Intouro K

Mercedes-Benz launches compact Intouro K hybrid

14 April 2022

Mercedes-Benz launches the compact new Intouro K for city and intercity traffic, an all-rounder with a specific talent for narrow streets with a length of 10.75 meters and a turning radius of 18.34 meters, as the German manufacturer states. The Intouro K makes it debut in a hybrid version, fitted with the components known from the Citaro Hybrid with supercaps as energy storage units and a 48-volt network.

Intouro K 2

The hybrid module is available for all Mercedes-Benz Intouro two-axle models with automatic transmission and torque converter. The basic function of the Intouro hybrid is extremely simple: An additional electric motor acts as an alternator during the vehicle’s braking and overrun phases, converting braking energy into electricity. This current is stored in supercaps, mounted on the right-hand side of the roof.

The recuperation module is a prerequisite for the Intouro hybrid and is available to the electric motor to support the combustion engine, especially when moving off, but also when accelerating. However, it does not serve to increase the maximum output, which is why the specifications for the vehicle’s performance and torque remain unchanged. In addition, a slight boost by the electric motor at idle speed improves the efficiency of the combustion engine. The Intouro hybrid only needs a single braking maneuver from 50 km/h to a standstill to charge the energy storage units. The electric motor with integrated power electronics and a thickness of eight centimetres has been integrated between the

combustion engine and the automatic transmission. The added weight of the hybrid drive is 254 kg. Its output is 14 kW with a torque of 220 Nm. The 7.7 litre OM 936 engine delivers an output of optionally 220 kW (299 hp) or 260 kW (354 hp). Bus and coach operators can even choose from four transmission variants: six-speed manual transmission, fully automated Mercedes-Benz PowerShift transmission or automatic transmission with torque converter from Voith and ZF. Both the inverter and the electric motor are water-cooled. The additional radiator for this low-temperature cooling with a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius is located beneath the vehicle radiator to save space.

Intouro K 3

The Intouro K has al the known assistance systems such as 'Active Brake Assist 5' (ABA 5) emergency braking assistant which can perform maximum full-stop braking manoeuvrers even with moving pedestrians, while 'Sideguard Assist' warns of people and obstacles when turning corners.