MRS controller

MRS Electronic announces a new robust 32-bit controller with 27 inputs

26 October 2023

German MRS Electronic, supplier of smart electronic solutions and systems for the automotive industry, announces the CC27WP, a robust controller with 27 inputs and outputs as well as 16 freely configurable I/Os switches up to 135 amp with voltage and current diagnostics. According to MRS with these specifications the CC27WP controller can be used very flexibly and independently of the industry.

The CC27WP consists of a base module and power extension and is a 32-bit controller and offers the possibility of cross-industry applications. The IP6K8-protected module with robust V4A housing can control many consumers and high load currents. MRS states it is particularly suitable for vehicles with many loads to be controlled and high load currents. The flexible module continuously detects the current of the consumers and can switch them off when a defined value is exceeded. This means you do not need a classic fuse box. In addition, the CC27WP has 4 half-bridges

with which DC motors can be controlled and up to 3 CAN interfaces for processing or forwarding commands. Due to the use of CAN bus, cabling can also be simplified, for example by establishing a direct connection to HMI systems such as displays or joysticks. In the basic version, the CC27WP has a total of 16 I/Os with voltage and current diagnostics, which can be expanded to up to 32 powerful outputs via ordering variants. The CC27WP is available to order in different versions from the beginning of December. Find out more here: