MRS Controller

New 32-bit CAN Controller from MRS Electronic

29 February 2024

MRS Electronic presents a new compact Motor Controller 3CH 10 A, a controller build around a 32-bit processor that can “precisely control multiple brushed DC motors”, as MRS Electronics emphasize. The 3CH 10 A motor control unit is used in various vehicles such as special or commercial vehicles and the automotive sector. It can be used for the control of pumps, fans, windshield wiper or mirror motors, the electrical adjustment and ventilation of the driver's seat, the control of electrically adjustable windows or sliding doors et cetera. The control of linear drives, also as an alternative to hydraulic cylinders, can also be implemented.

The 3CH 10 A motor control unit is AEF-ready and thus compatible with various ISOBUS stacks. It can be used as a task controller and communicate with other connected components such as terminals or implements. The controller has a CAN interface, which is also CAN-FD capable. A LIN interface or a 5 V/10 V reference voltage output are options. The fully potted housing and connector packages are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic - protection class IP6K8, according to MRS Electronics. The new Motor Controller 3CH 10 A is equipped with a number of full and half bridges. With three full bridges, up to three DC motors can be controlled in both directions of rotation or with six half bridges, six DC motors can be controlled precisely in one direction of rotation. The integrated ramp function enables the motors to be started up

or slowed down smoothly. Continuous motor starting currents can be significantly higher for short periods. The controller also has eight configurable multifunction inputs, which can read in current, voltage or frequency values. Two PWM outputs (pulse width modulation) with integrated current measurement can be used to control two current-controlled proportional valves. The control system is based around the 32-bit processor by NXP and can be programmed graphically using the MRS Applics Studios programming tool or, for more complex control tasks, using C code. Compared to 8- or 16-bit processors, the 32-bit version has significantly higher computing power and a larger memory for extensive programming.