New at Busworld Europe 2023 - part 3

We present you: the Busworld Digital Awards!

21 April 2023

Every day, the world is getting more digital. And yes, buses, coaches and mobility in general are entering the digital era too. Busworld is embracing digital by setting up the new Busworld Digital Awards, organising a Digital Mobility Solutions Conference, and last but not least using a state of the art event platform to facilitate visitors and exhibitors during the show.

Let's zoom (or teams) in on the Busworld Digital Awards.


Digital rules!

Operators, drivers, passengers, they all are touched by digital solutions, improving safety, comfort and efficiency. 

All exhibitors that offer a partial or complete digital solution, can participate to the Busworld Digital Awards. And Busworld encourages them strongly to do so. The winners will receive their award during the Digital Mobility Solutions Conference on Tuesday, 10 October. 



We present you the 5 categories:

Connected Mobility

Digitally Enhanced Driving

​​​​​​​Digital Operational Excellence

​​​​​​​E-mobility management

​​​​​​​Digital On Board Comfort

Curious who will win? So are we!