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New in Busworld Europe - part 4

10 May 2023

The paper catalogue will seize to exist and is being replaced by two other media: the online Busworld App and the Busworld Daily Times newspaper.

More information. Easier to use. 

The Busworld Daily Times

The paper has had a total facelift and will be much bigger now. It will have:

- the floorplan with an alphabetical exhibitor list

- the programs of the different side events (conference, seminars, events etc.)

- more articles than before

- a lot of pictures to relive the previous day

- and last but not least advertisements

Make sure you book your (exhibitors only!) advertisements as soon as possible. There is a first come, first served principle. 

It will be distributed in the venue at the entrance at 6,000 copies. Make sure you get your copy!


The Busworld app

Also the app is not comparable to the previous versions. It consists of a web based version (on computer - ideal to prepare your visit) and an actual app (on your phone - ideal to use at the show).

It will have:

- an exhibitor list that you can search through using filters on product categories, country, etc.

- exhibitor company profile with lots of information

- products uploaded by the exhibitor that you can filter by category

- all people with a personal profile: visitors, exhibitor team members, press members, speakers etc.

- the sessions of the seminars and conferences

- your personal agenda

- your favorite companies and products

... and so much more.

Advertising in the app is only possible in combination with the Busworld Daily Times.

Everyone who bought a ticket, will receive an activation e-mail for the app in the beginning of September (or when buying the ticket). After activation, they can use the computer and the mobile phone version. 

Curious? Check out the exhibitor list on the website. This is the list taken from the app. So you can get a first glimpse.

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