New generation of Van Hool city buses: A Series

New generation of Van Hool city buses: A Series

12 October 2023

Van Hool is once again back in urban transport with its electric A Series. At Busworld you can now see the 12-metre version at the Van Hool stand in hall 5. It will soon be followed by four variants, from 10 to 24 metres long. Here, Van Hool chooses, traditionally, not one driveline, but three zero-emission systems: battery-electric, fuel cell (hydrogen) and trolley, or three times 100 per cent zero emissions.

In other words, Van Hool resolutely opts for environmentally friendly public transport and will only build zero-emission buses. The Van Hool A12 Battery Electric, now on display, is the first vehicle in the completely new series of buses. In urban and regional transport, politics rules and there the adage is electric, even though the call for hydrogen is getting louder and louder. With the new A Series, Van Hool claims to be able to respond to this demand. And the Belgian company has already achieved success. Its order book is now well filled. CEO Filip Van Hool: " Our intention when designing the new A Series was to create a zero-emission, comfortable, safe, timeless and sustainable series of buses for urban and regional transport in Europe and to meet the high expectations of transport companies, drivers and passengers.”


Filip van Hool: "Our customers focus on greening their fleets and aim for zero emissions coupled with comfort and safety and a pleasant working environment for the driver along with a good TCO, total cost of ownership." The ergonomic cabin is built according to the requirements of the Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV). The new A Series comes standard with an enclosed cabin that has ample storage space. The indoor climate is controlled by a unique system where conditioned air is supplied through a central roof air duct, based on heat pump technology and traction heat recovery. A system said to be more energy-efficient than a conventional heat pump.


Light and spacious

The design of the new A-Series is characterised by its aerodynamic shape at the front. The large windscreen provides ample visibility. The buses are equipped with LED tail lights and LED headlights with daytime riding lights. A large rear window allows plenty of natural light to enter as do the large side windows, contributing to a bright interior. Wide doors facilitate passenger entry and exit. To make the A-Series as light as possible, many elements are made of high-strength (duplex) stainless steel and the roof is a lightweight sandwich construction equipped with a modular fastening system for the various components such as the traction batteries, climate system and corresponding control and steering systems.