Ekoenergetyka Nobia

Order for Ekoenergetyka from Nobia for 140 bus chargers

22 February 2024

Ekoenergetyka will provide up to 140 chargers for electric buses to Nobina, the largest Scandinavian public transportation operator. Ekoenergetyka will install its Axon Easy 120kW and 180kW chargers at four bus depots in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this year, bringing them on line by January 2025.

Nobina has the largest zero-emission bus fleet in all of Scandinavia and employs 13,000 people in four countries, while Ekoenergetyka provides 20% of Europe’s charging stations for municipal buses. This Nobina contract is part of a broader push by Ekoenergetyka into the Nordic region, which it sees as one of the world’s fastest growing markets for electric vehicles. Ekoenergetyka’s expansion drive is backed by Enterprise Investors, a leading Central European private equity fund, which took a significant minority stake last year. The fund has announced plans

to invest more than €45 million in e-mobility projects. Nobina, which provides sustainable transportation to 1 million people every day, says it is committed to enhancing urban mobility while minimizing environmental impact. The ordered Axon Easy DC charging stations will be located in bus depots in the Swedish capital. Ekoenergetyka is headquartered in Zielona Góra, western Poland. It was established in 2009 as a result of an academic research project by two friends from university and now employs more than 1,000 people.