Otokar featuring four new models

Otokar featuring four new models

11 October 2023

Otokar is growing steadily in Europe, their largest export market, and displays four new models and innovative services at Busworld. Otokar also presents its telematics system BusMonitor and EV charging solutions.

When it comes to public transport buses, the new KENT C HYDROGEN steals the show. This 12-metre-long city bus seats up to 82 passengers. The newcomer stands out for its highly secure and lightweight Type-IV (carbon-reinforced structure) hydrogen storage tanks placed on the roof of the vehicle. With a hydrogen storage capacity of around 1,600 litres and 38 kg, refuelling is done in less than 10 minutes and it offers a driving range of over 500 km.

The Otokar Territo, which attracts carriers with its high passenger capacity (up to 63 passengers) and large luggage space, is now electrified. With a length of 13 metres, the e-TERRITO is designed to meet a wide range of applications and is distinguished by its optimal range, high performance, zero emissions, versatility and independent front suspension. Up to 15 battery packs can be provided for a combined 450 kWh. The central drive motor is a powerful 410 kW Voith. The energy supply is provided by lithium iron phosphate batteries. The battery modules are installed at the bottom of the bus to achieve a low centre of gravity, allowing for better road handling.


The smallest model is the 6.60 m e-CENTRO, which can also be equipped as a level 4 autonomous driving vehicle, i.e. without a driver. In car park C, demo rides with this car are offered. Thanks to its high-tech equipment, the vehicle can determine its position on the road in the most optimal way, taking into account current information on the road situation. The autonomous e-CENTRO offers an uninterrupted transport experience at any time of the day, regardless of whether the weather is sunny or rainy. The autonomous e-CENTRO promises a comfortable ride and can accurately stop at stops. This bus can also self-manage stop and travel times and navigates smoothly at intersections and roundabouts. It slows down at speed bumps and pedestrian crossings and also gives pedestrians priority. It comes with advanced hill performance. The autonomous e-CENTRO, can follow the vehicle ahead at the safe distance from other vehicles, can detect potential hazards while driving and quickly perform emergency braking or evasive manoeuvres. Meanwhile, as an all-electric van, it does not disturb passengers or the environment.

Otokar has traditionally been performing strongly in the small tourism vehicle market. Two of them are on the stand. The revamped Navigo T, with a length of 8,400 mm, accommodates up to 35 people. The Cummins ISBe 4.5 delivers 151 kW (210 hp) with 832 Nm of torque and is coupled to a 9-speed Allison automatic transmission. The NAVIGO has gained the attention of European operators and achieved great success in the market for compact coaches. The NAVIGO, which had its front end completely changed, now features more dynamic and sharp lines. The interior of the bus has also been redesigned. The new dashboard is now more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


The brand new, larger Ulysso T is a completely redesigned touring car and ideal for one-day excursions and short trips. The 10.10-metre-long coach offers 5.5m³ of luggage space and can carry up to 43 passengers in comfort. Here, the Cummins ISBe 6.7 is the power source delivering up to 233 kW (320 hp). The six-speed ZF Ecolife automatic transmission transfers torque of 1,182 Nm to the drive wheels. This vehicle guarantees low operating costs and versatility.


BUSMONITOR: OTOKAR's telematics system

Preventive maintenance is crucial for fleets to streamline their operations. Operators would greatly benefit from integrating predictive maintenance systems and technologies into their business processes. In order to meet the needs of operators, Otokar has developed its BusMonitor telematics system. Visitors to the Otokar stand at Busworld can receive detailed information and watch a demo of the system used in the BRT line in Istanbul.

 BusMonitor enables real-time monitoring of fleet performance with a user-friendly interface. It detects anomalies of all vehicle types by defining alarm limits for the data obtained from the Canbus line, regardless of manufacturer. While it communicates information about the vehicle's location, speed, range and engine performance, BusMonitor also provides route history and fault codes. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, customers can track the performance of both their assets and drivers through customisable reports. The Turkish company Otokar exhibits 7 buses from its range of city and regional buses at Busworld Europe.