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PEI Mobility presents new high-performance joints for gangway systems

28 November 2022

PEI Mobility has specialised, during its twenty years of experience, in the production and sale of bellows for articulated buses and today presents itself with an expansion of its product range with a production novelty: a range of innovative, high-performance joints.

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The new high-performance joints are made possible by cutting-edge materials, such as short carbon fibre with the SMC technique, and its compatibility with all types of chassis. PEI Mobility states the new joints should offer unique solutions on the market in terms of lightness and flexibility. With a new digital image, the Group's business unit has also landed on social media with the opening of a LinkedIn channel and on the web with a new website, featuring a tool that allows you to configure your own interconnection system for articulated buses by combining a wide range of bellows, joints and accessories, right up to complete gangway systems.

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Years of activity and success in the sector have led PEI Mobility, a brand of P.E.I. Srl, to currently count 8,000 bellows in Europe and around the world. A result also achieved thanks to the help of the two foreign production plants, one in Serbia and the other in Brazil, which report to the headquarters in Bologna.

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