Pilot Seatings, the reference for seating furniture

Pilot Seatings, the reference for seating furniture

11 October 2023

Pilot Seatings is a company based in Turkey. Established in 1963, they produce interior parts for coaches and buses. In 1967, they produced driver seats for Mercedes. Nowadays, they produce seats for all types of activities: driver seats for coaches, for construction vehicles, for agricultural machinery, passenger seats, seats for the navy and also for railways.

These seats stand out for their finish. They can be upholstered in leather or fabric, or a combination of both. The back of the seat features a newspaper basket and a table for the passenger.There is also a footrest.

The passenger seats are equipped with the latest safety features. They have a modern design and provide maximum safety and comfort for passengers. They are all equipped with 3-point safety belts. The seats can be adjusted backwards for a more relaxed position.

There is also a line of seats for buses. They are ergonomically designed especially for urban transport, with a very light specific weight. The seat covers can be easily taken off and refitted if necessary. They are also protected against vandalism (scratches, graffiti).


The driver's seat is equipped with the latest safety features. The seat comes with all possible adjustments for driver comfort: air suspension with weight adjustment, seat adjustment, backrest adjustment, lumbar support adjustment, three-point belt, etc. The seat is also equipped with a microphone connected to the bus's entertainment system, which allows the driver to communicate with passengers.


In a nutshell, a manufacturer that will certainly be found in many passenger transport production facilities.