Ecitaro articulated

Qbuzz Netherlands orders 35 eCitaro's

24 March 2023

Qbuzz orders 35 articulated eCitaro's at Daimler Buses / Evobus Netherlands. The order is part of a larger purchase order by Qbuzz in the Netherlands supported by the Transport Authority Groningen Drenthe, responsible for the concession in this region. In total both parties agreed to purchase 158 e-buses.

Groningen and Drenthe are two provinces in the north of the Netherlands who combined their public transport service in one transport authority. The public transport authority and Qbuzz are to replace 158 HVO diesel buses by electric buses between 2024 and 2026. At the moment there are already 196 emission-free buses, electric and hydrogen-powered, active in this concession. With this replacement almost 90% of all buses in the region will run on “clean energy”. Groningen Drenthe calls this a major step towards achieving the sustainability ambitions: completely emission-free bus transport in 2030. CEO Joost van der Bijl, Daimler Buses Netherlands, says he is very proud to receive this first large order in the Netherlands for the eCitaro. “With this order the eCitaro is active in

whole Western-Europe.” The buses will have NMC3 batteries with a 490 kWh capacity. Charging is done via a plug for 25 of the eCitaro's and the other 10 will have a pantograph for fast charging and will be special equipped for inter urban transport. According to Key account manager Public Transport Dirk Meppelink this order is a continuation of the special relationship between Daimler Buses and this part of the Netherlands. “The first Citaro ever in the Netherlands was put in to service here.” The new eCtaro's ordered have active suspension and are equipped with all kinds of safety systems like Sideguard assist, active damping system in the turntable and have mirrorcams. The climate system is a CO2 heat pump to minimize the use of energy.