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Scania introduces gas powertrain for the Touring

05 June 2024

The new LBG/LNG variant of the Scania Touring will be able to run on both natural gas and biogas, or a mix of the two. Scania says it allows a smooth transition to biogas, "creating a circular and economically viable solution for sustainable long-distance transport today".

The new variant comes with a 13-litre gas engine that provides 410 hp (302 kW) and 2000 Nm, and with an efficiency that, according to Scania, allows users to lower their fuel costs. With the standard tank option, it also delivers a driving range of beyond 1,000 km. “The new LBG/LNG variant of the Scania Touring is an excellent option for express bus- and long-distance operators that want to become more sustainable without a massive investment or negative impact on operations,” says Carl-Johan Lööf, Head of Product Management, People Transport Solutions, Scania. "If you add the sustainability benefits of using biogas, it is a truly outstanding

solution.” Biogas has long been used in compressed form to power city- and suburban buses. In the past few years, technology developments have enabled the gas to be cooled down and transformed to energy-dense liquid – LBG/LNG – turning it into a more viable solution for heavy commercial vehicles operating long-distance routes. “Biogas can play a key role in decarbonising heavy duty transport, particularly in long-distance applications. The infrastructure for fuel production and tank stations continues to expand, with huge investment taking place, not least in Europe,” says Jonas Strömberg, Sustainable Transport Business

SCania gasmotor

Manager at Scania. The manufacturer emphasizes in its press release that biogas is a fossil-free and renewable fuel that offers CO2 emission reductions of up to 90 percent compared to diesel from a well-to-wheel perspective. The new gas powertrain option for the Scania Touring adds to Scania´s current gas portfolio for the long-distance segment, which includes buses and coaches built with external bodybuilder partners, such as the Scania Beulas DD LBG/LNG as well as the Scania Irizar i6S Efficient LBG/LNG that was presented at Busworld last year.