Scania Interlink

Scania launches new Interlink

27 January 2022

Scania surprises with the launch of a new Interlink as part of Scania’s new bus and coach generation. The new Scania Interlink is a total new designed bus with new chassis and body. Scania claims it offers fuel savings of up to 8 per cent. Advanced safety features, new uptime services and a significantly updated driver area completes the new model.

Scania reports fuel savings of up to 8 per cent and states this is achieved due to improved engine and gearbox efficiency with the new stop/start function and cruise control contributing to further reductions. It has a forgiving independent front suspension for better comfort while increasing load capacity by 500 kg.

“The wide range of low-carbon powertrains is also a part of the flexibility. We provide biodiesel (FAME), HVO, biogas, and hybrid options that significantly reduce CO2 emissions today,” says Karolina Wennerblom, Head of Product Management, Scania Buses & Coaches.

SCania Interlink

New options in the Interlink range include longer 2-axle buses with increased passenger capacity as well as shorter gas buses. The exterior of the new Interlink has larger side windows, Bi-LED or Bi-Halogen headlights and new sidelights and rear lights. The electric sliding doors result in higher uptime and lower maintenance cost, and indoors, new materials reduce noise. The climate system minimises energy consumption, regardless of climate. A new and brighter interior should appeal to the passenger.

Scania Interlink chauff

The new driver area offers an ergonomic design. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) give the driver good control of the vehicle. Scania Zone ensures driver compliance with speed regulations around schools and elsewhere. Scania has designed the new Interlink in order to limit damage and avoid deformation of components such as the steering system, aftertreatment system or batteries to avoid any unnecessary downtime. Uptime is further increased via easily exchangeable front corners, improved cleanability, and with the proactive and real-time data based Scania Flexible Maintenance.