Sono Motors

Sono Motors presents innovative solar solutions for sustainable bus transport

05 October 2023

The focus is on the shift to electromobility and the reduction of CO2 emissions from bus traffic. But according to Sono Motors the transition is long and expensive: among new vehicles sold in 2022, around 70% still run on conventional combustion engines. At Busworld Sono Motors will present t Busworld, stand 1163d in hall 11, the Solar Bus Kit, an innovative solar retrofit solution specifically for buses.

Sono Motors defines its Solar Bus Kit as a bridging technology. It consumes no diesel and produces no CO2 during operation. Bus roofs offer a lot of free space for use as a solar surface; the energy thus generated enables cost and emission reduced operation of the electrical systems and relieves the on-board power generator (alternator). Sono Motors is also working on solutions for electric buses in addition to its Solar Bus Kit for diesel buses. For example, a customized version of the Solar Bus Kit with 14 semi-flexible

solar modules was installed on an electrified Mercedes-Benz Citaro from the demo fleet of pepper motion. "As sustainability and clean energy become more of a focus, we want our solar solutions to make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing efficiency. With our Solar Bus Kit, we can demonstrate a simple and cost-effective way to sustainably reduce bus transport emissions", says Jona Christians, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors.