Balazs Berki, business development director, with his Chinese colleagues.

Streamax unveils advanced solutions enhancing safety and efficiency in public transport at Busworld Europe Brussels

09 October 2023

Streamax introduces cutting-edge innovations to underscore their commitment to safety and efficiency in the bus industry.

The  Shenzhen-based technology company, Streamax has been active internationally since 2002 in the development and manufacturing of hardware and software systems offering AI-powered onboard active safety, driver assistance, and video telematics solutions. Currently, their onboard technologies are widely used in over 3.5 million commercial vehicles in over 100 countries worldwide.


"With the new Intelligent Bus Central Unit solution (IBCU), we differentiate ourselves from other solutions with its 'open system' architecture," says Balazs Berki, business development director. "IBCU solution effectively addresses driver safety systems, public transit security, passenger information services, and dispatching and operation systems, offering a comprehensive public transport solution on a single platform. This unified hardware platform has the capacity to run multiple operating systems (Linux or Android) and software applications concurrently, allowing for the seamless addition of features through over-the-air software updates, without the need for additional terminal devices.”

"Information technology and intelligent systems are rapidly gaining importance in buses and coaches. The implementation of it in solutions from different manufacturers poses many challenges in terms of maintenance, interconnectivity and usability. For example, disparate systems such as CCTV equipment, Al-enabled devices for driver and vehicle safety management, dispatching and control systems and passenger information service systems typically operate isolated."


Streamax introduces the intelligent Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) & Moving Off Information System (MOIS) and Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning (DDAW) solutions. The Al-powered detection capabilities align seamlessly with the strict safety provisions set out in the UN R151 and UN R159 regulations. The Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning (DDAW) system, equipped with a professionally integrated Al Driver Monitoring System, warns of drowsiness, all kinds of things that could distract the driver. It also reminds the driver of unsafe driving habits. In response to these challenges, Streamax is therefore proud to introduce the next-generation Intelligent Bus Central Unit solution, in addition to the above mentioned two systems.