Volvo 9700 DD

Success for Volvo Buses in Sweden

05 November 2021

Volvo Buses received a large order from Transdev for 200 buses including the new double decker 9700 DD. This order is issued less than a year after the successful implementation of 145 electric Volvo 7900 Electric Artic buses in partnership with Transdev in Gothenburg in late 2020.

Besides 39 Volvo 9700 DD the current order consists of 161 Volvo 8900 RLE buses. The double deckers are for operation in regional traffic north of Stockholm and will serve a popular commuter route into the capital. The first delivery will be made to Norrtälje, north of Stockholm, from were the new Volvo 9700 DD coaches will provide direct services on an existing route into Stockholm. The Volvo 8900 RLE buses, 12 and 15 metres long, will operate in regional traffic and on commuter routes.

he second delivery to Täby in northern Stockholm will take place in November 2022 and also consists of Volvo 8900 RLE buses and Volvo 9700 double deckers. The buses will operate in local and commuter traffic. The ordered Volvo 9700 DD has room for up to 96 passengers.