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Tender presentation by DPTM (Chile) at Busworld Europe 2023 - an interview

02 January 2024

During the last edition of Busworld Europe 2023 an exclusive event was organized on October 12th for the public transport company of Chile, DPTM of Santiago, to present its three newest tenders to potential participants:

- Tender for routes operation (acquisition of 1,200 new buses): beginning of 2024

- Tender for fleet management system: first semester 2024

- Tender for the ticketing system: 2025


In this double interview (DPTM + InvestChile), we delve into the behind-the-scenes of this collaboration and gain insights into the success achieved, along with an exciting revelation for the future.

How was the idea conceived to contact Busworld Europe to present your 3 tenders?

It was a joint initiative. At DPTM we are constantly researching the upcoming events of the industry, through our contacts and market research, and that is how we heard about Busworld Europe. We saw it as an excellent opportunity to show and promote our next tendering processes. In our overseas interactions, we always have the support of InvestChile – the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, in charge of promoting investment opportunities, and making contacts with companies –, so they got involved in planning our participation.

The number and the type of exhibitors of Busworld Europe was a unique case to promote the investment opportunities in our transport system.

On our website www.dtpm.cl we are always updating the details of the upcoming events of our tendering processes!


Did you ever cooperate with a trade show/conference before in this way?

Yes, we have had other experiences in events focused on the transport industry, specifically related with promoting key elements of our next tendering processes.

In our case, participation in trade shows is much more useful when we can have a dedicated space (workshop, roundtable) to present and interact directly with the companies and we have the support of the organizer to promote the activity. In that sense, it was a great success with Busworld Europe.




What is your evaluation of the result?

The results from our presentations and meetings at Busworld Europe are excellent. We had 50 attendees in our 2 sessions, and 12 different bilateral meetings with bus manufacturers.

It was the right setting to get in contact with them, showing our next tendering processes as well as the features of our system.


Would you recommend this to other public transit companies around the world?

For sure we will recommend Busworld Europe to other public transport companies. This event concentrates a huge amount of different kind of providers, for any transport system.


Is there anything else you want to add about this experience from your side?

We believe that more public agencies, or bus operation regulators would strengthen the scope of Busworld Europe as a world class event and one of the biggest exhibitions of the transport industry.


Will you be back in Brussels in 2025 with more public tenders?

We expect to visit and to attend next Busworld Europe presenting the future next tendering processes, considering that we are constantly renewing our system.

Inspired by this testimonial?

Contact us if you are interested in a similar cooperation in 2025 (press@busworld.org). How can we help?

DPTM tender