Tremonia Mobility reaches 300 km (SORT) with new Sprinter City 45 ELECTRIC

12 July 2023

Tremonia Mobility, formerly known as Mercedes-Benz Minibuses, has in collaboration with Elinta Motors from Lithuania, successfully developed and launched its first 100% electric city minibus this year, based on the established and well-known Sprinter City 45 diesel model. With the newly gained independence Tremonia Mobility says it has made significant progress in the field of sustainable transportation.

After being sold in 2022 by Daimler’s Bus division after over 20 year Tremonia decided to intense its research and development activities for electric minibuses and looked for technical solution out of the technical solution of Daimler Truck company. In Elinta Motors it found a dedicated partner and the collaboration resulted in the development of electric vehicles “that set new standards in performance and eco-friendliness”, as Tremonia describes it. Their new product based on the Sprinter City 45 is tested by TüV focusing on “Standardized On-Road Test” (SORT) Tremonia reports that the Sprinter City 45 ELECTRIC demonstrated an “impressive range of up to 300* km (SORT 2 cycle, mixed operating)”.

The manufacturer emphasizes that this achievement solidifies its “commitment to deliver electric minibuses that offer remarkable range without compromising on quality or passenger experience”. Jürgen Knothe, CTO of Tremonia Mobility: "These outstanding figures validate the dedication and expertise of our team, as well as the successful collaboration with Elinta Motors. Our first-generation Sprinter City 45 ELECTRIC has now proven to be a game-changer, and we still continue optimizing and innovating to deliver a perfect electrified minibus to our customers. We are looking forward to the discussions at the Busworld in October".


*Calculation with 111 kWh battery capacity under optimal conditions