VanHool Qbuzz

Van Hool Builds 112 Battery Buses For Qbuzz, Netherlands

12 January 2024

Van Hool has signed a contract with operator Qbuzz in the Netherlands for the supply of 112 battery-electric buses of the model Van Hool A13LE E (56 units; 45 + 3 seats; 13 m) and Van Hool A15LE E (56 units; 51 + 5 seats; 15 m). These buses will be used by Qbuzz in the South Holland North (ZHN) concession in the Netherlands from December 15, 2024.

This new order from Qbuzz, immediately the largest order for the Van Hool A city bus, comes less than a year after an earlier order of 54 units by this Dutch public transport operator. Van Hool will therefore build 166 buses for Qbuzz. Van Hool has now exceeded the mark of 400 models sold of the new A range of city buses for public transport since the premiere of the range in Paris in June 2022. The Qbuzz buses will be used on the "High Quality public transport lines" in the province South Holland North. The power of the motor is continuous 310kW and the batteries are of the LFP type and have a capacity of 578kWh. The large battery in the new electric buses provides sufficient energy for reliable service provision and the climate control system. In cold periods, the equipment is automatically preheated prior to the first ride. All vehicles are equipped with a level entry and/or exit and at least five (disabled) places. There is a direct voice connection with the driver from the wheelchair spot. For visually impaired travelers, there are yellow color contrasts on stop buttons and steps. For blind travelers there is Braille on stop buttons. Because the buses are technically equipped with a loop, the announced travel information and bus stops are more audible on the bus. Travel information can also be heard outside the bus. The bus has a sound system (AVAS), so that

bystanders can hear a slow-moving electric bus approaching. Van Hool's (extra) long vehicles have luxurious seats with individually switchable seat heating, extra legroom so a laptop can be fully opened on the large, extendable folding tables with handy cup holder. The headrests have mobile phone holders with induction chargers. There are also USB connections. With the ample WiFi bandwidth, travelers can work, study, relax, watch movies or listen to music on the go. For the driver, a swiveling and automatically adjustable driver's seat with two armrests and a three-point belt was installed in the new vehicles. The chair is also equipped with a climate package for cooling and heating. This seat can be adjusted by an ergonomist together with the driver, so that the correct seating position and optimal visibility are achieved. Cameras with wide-angle lenses replace exterior mirrors. Driver assistance system (ADAS) with acoustic and visual signals support the driver who has also control over the temperature and airflow in his cabin, independently of the rest of the bus. The buses have a laminated and green-tinted windscreen with heating and an electrically adjustable opaque, wide roller blind (scissor model). The driver's window has a manually adjustable and translucent roller blind. The interior lighting is switched in 4 zones to prevent reflection in the windshield.