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VDL Bus & Coach delivers 10 Futura coaches to The Bus Ontime

26 August 2022

VDL Bus & Coach has welcomed a new customer in Spain, The Bus Ontime which purchased 10 VDL Futura. The new coaches will be used for dedicated company and school transport, tourism and events.

VDL Spanje

Seven of the 10 new Futura coaches for The Bus Ontime have a powerful DAF/Paccar MX-11 engine with 450 hp power and three units are equipped with a 410 hp DAF/Paccar MX 11 Euro 6 engine. Ll th drivelines are equipped as standard with Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), the intelligent cruise control which anticipates the topographical situation. With the help of GPS data, PPC continuously calculates the course of the road, so that the right gear is selected at any moment. In this way, the highest level of driving comfort is achieved while fuel consumption remains low.

“Despite some difficult years, the coach industry will always be of great importance to Spain and the tourism sector in particular," said Hector Rodriguez, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach Espaňa S.L. “We are delighted that our customers continue to invest in their businesses by purchasing new coaches. Spain is one of the most important growth markets for VDL Bus & Coach in Europe.” With the increase in travel, especially within the tourism sector, there is light at the end of the tunnel again. “The coach market in Europe is showing signs of recovery,” indicates Pieter Gerdingh, Business Manager Coach of VDL Bus & Coach. “We have recently increased the

production of coaches, which has enabled us to respond well to the needs and demands of the European market.” By entering into strategic alliances, VDL Bus & Coach Espaňa S.L. intends to strengthen its position in the Spanish market. January 2022, VDL Bus & Coach Espaňa S.L. revealed another ambition to meet a specific demand in the Spanish market: the introduction of a new innovative rental concept, Rentalbus. VDL Bus & Coach is collaborating in this concept with Onrent, a company with vast experience in the rental business, from passenger cars to lorries. Rentalbus has its own sales team and operates out of its headquarters in Madrid.