Vehtec presents “SubZero Solution” at Busworld

05 October 2023

Vehtec, manufacturer of energy efficient heating solutions for vehicles such as buses and off-road vehicles, is presenting at Busworld in hall 8, stand 839, “SubZero Solution” which gives according to Vehtec an answer on how to put solar power to optimum use for public transport vehicles by reducing the load on the electric support system in a bus, and exploring how to store, use and benefit from generated surplus energy.

A traction battery operating at suboptimal temperature has its capacity, as well as its expected lifetime, greatly reduced. Thus, diesel powered preconditioned units are often provided to regulate the temperature of the traction battery. Using an auxiliary battery and predicting the charge rate of the battery, as well as the power consumption of the preconditioning unit and any other auxiliary systems connected to the auxiliary battery, allows for better control of the preconditioning. Vehtec states SubZero Solution

“comprises of solutions to optimize traction battery environment in various ways; using Solar power as an energy source via solar panels, energy harvesting in Heat batteries and optimizing heating through Carbon dioxide heat pumps”. All applications are integrated with FleetHeat, for operators to have full control over their bus fleets. SubZero Solution is a Patent pending energy storage system with focus on alternative energy sources, solar panels and hydrogen.