Are you ready to meet the nominees?

The selection has been made thanks to the international juries that invested their time in taking a very close look at the different candidates for the DIGITAL AWARDS and the INNOVATIONS, two separate 'competitions' of Busworld Europe.

31 August 2023

Busworld wants to thank all participants for their time and effort. It was a difficult job for the jury to make these selections.

Busworld Digital Awards logo
Who is a step closer to winning this competition?

The nominees of the Digital Awards

Out of 36 participations (not bad for a first edition) in total, three nominees have been selected in each of the four categories:

- Digital On-Board Comfort

- Digitally Enhanced Driving

- Digital Operational Excellence

- eMobility Management


The winners will be announced at the Digital Mobility Solutions Conference on Wednesday 11 October. Want to be there? Register (for free) for this conference! (LINK)

innovations vote
The shortlist of the Innovations is known

To innovate or not to innovate, that's the question

The jury made a first selection, and now the visitors have the final saying: Innovation yes or no?

The voting list counts 10 participants.

Want to use your voice as a visitor?

1. Visit the booth of the nominee

2. Learn all about the product/service

3. Scan the QR code to vote

4. Vote yes or no


All participants that have more than 50% yes votes, get to have eternal fame of being a Busworld Innovation 2023.

On Wednesday evening 11 October at 18:00 the votes will be counted.


Have you seen an innovation that's missing in this list? Let us know at