De Lijn laadinfra

Belgium De Lijn is investing in 1600 charging points

27 November 2023

The board of directors of De Lijn has given the green light for a new order for charging infrastructure for its depots. In concrete terms, this concerns the approval of a framework agreement for a maximum of 1,600 charging points with two suppliers, TM SPIE-Ekoenergetyka and ABB. The conversion of the depots plays a crucial role in greening the bus fleet. De Lijn will purchase approximately 320 to 490 charging points in the first phase, representing an investment of 15.3 million euros for 490 charging points.

The framework agreement allows De Lijn to order a maximum of 1,600 charging points from two suppliers, SPIE-Ekoenergetyka and ABB, over a period of up to 8 years. De Lijn expects to order 320 to 490 charging points in an initial partial order, divided between both providers. Both parties will compete against each other for subsequent sub-assignments. The allocation of the charging points is tailored to the progress of the infrastructure works at the depots. “With this framework agreement, we are taking an important next step in the electrification of our depots,” says Director General of

De Lijn Ann Schoubs. Partly under the impetus of Minister Peeters, the public transport company is continuing to make public transport greener. “The purchase of the necessary charging infrastructure is a crucial step in this sustainable transition. We want to drive completely emission-free in Flanders as quickly as possible. That is why we continue to work on the complete greening of the bus fleet and the conversion of the depots, including the necessary charging infrastructure," said Flemish Minister Lydia Peeters.