Busworld: Cojali presents components and technological solutions

07 September 2023

Cojali S.L., a Spanish multinational manufacturer of components and electronics, will bring its solutions for connectivity, electric vehicles, predictive maintenance and remote diagnostics to Busworld, which this edition will pay special attention to zero-emission long-distance buses.

Cojali will be present at the stand 614A located in hall 6 where the main functionalities of Jaltest Telematics will be introduced with the predictive maintenance and the advanced remote diagnostics as highlights. Cojali states that these functionalities are also applicable to electric fleets and will maximise the availability of vehicles up to 42% by monitoring in real time the KPIs, such as the vehicle range, load cycles, duty cycles, battery lifetime, temperature or voltages, among others. Cojali wants to be “a meeting point to discuss the challenges that the bus industry has to face in order to apply new maintenance approaches both for electric and internal combustion

vehicles, as well as to discuss how to benefit from all the data available and delivered by the bus thanks to the AI.” The aim for the company is to identify potential problems before these occur, as well as to estimate the next maintenance window according to the remaining useful life of components. Also Cojali will be demonstrate the cooling system range that it offers, as well as the customised advanced diagnostics solutions for OEM service networks for commercial vehicles. Cojali S.L. has three subsidiaries: Cojali France, Cojali Italy and Cojali USA, and four sales offices in Germany, Turkey, Mexico and India.